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PAINS’ No Longer Silent initiative is designed to change the current norms, beliefs, attitudes and perceptions of the public about the disease of chronic pain and to establish and promote comprehensive pain management as the standard of care. Our objective is to:

  • Change the beliefs, attitudes and perceptions of media about chronic pain as a disease
  • Increase media coverage and support evidence based reporting of chronic pain
  • Change the beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions of the media about the relationship between chronic pain and the opioid epidemic
  • Decrease media coverage that conflates the opioid epidemic with chronic pain

Media Resources

For more information, contact Myra Christopher, Director of PAINS Project at 800.344.3829 or .

Media Contact

Myra Christopher
Director, PAINS Project

Media Survey

No Longer Silent is a multi-faceted campaign designed to focus on reconstructing the media narrative about chronic pain. The Center for Excellence in Health Communication to Underserved Populations (CEHCUP) at the University of Kansas – School of Journalism recently released a "Survey of Health Journalists about Reporting on Chronic Pain." The survey assesses current attitudes, beliefs and opinions of healthcare reporters and editors on chronic pain, opioid addiction and the relationship between them. Download the Abstract Download the Full Report

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