PAINS is a broad-based membership alliance of organizations and individuals working together to transform how pain is perceived, judged and treated.  Organizational members are professional societies, patient advocacy organizations, policy groups, consumers, payers and the private sector.  Individual members are professionals, leaders in the field, those who live with chronic pain and advocates.

PAINS members work together to maximize efforts and combine our collective strength to influence common concerns, while recognizing the diversity of missions and expertise of its members. Membership does not constitute any financial or legal obligations, as well as endorsement of all position papers, policies and press releases from PAINS.

JOIN US NOW for a FREE membership if you and/or your organization share(s) our vision that all people who struggle to live with pain, especially chronic pain, have access to quality pain care consistent with their goals and values.

By joining,you will:

  • receive member updates with information on efforts and critical issues,
  • have the opportunity to engage in PAINS’ activities,
  • utilize and contribute to the network and its’ resources, and
  • demonstrate your commitment to work together to make chronic pain a public health priority.

If you have questions, please contact us.


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