Lesli Hill, MS

Lesli Hill, MS, BA
Volunteer Coordinator, PAINS Advisory Committee

We are excited to welcome Lesli Hill to the PAINS team as the Volunteer Coordinator of PAINS Advisory Committee. PAINS is a program of the Center for Practical Bioethics that is governed by an outstanding Board of Directors. We are grateful that the Center’s Board has granted PAINS significant autonomy and permission also to establish an Advisory Committee of nationally recognized experts who provide strategic advice and counsel to the PAINS Project as well as participating in various PAINS’ initiatives.

The PAINS Advisory Committee is an outstanding group of individuals who share in our belief that a cultural transformation in the way pain is perceived, judged and treated is necessary. Since its beginning, PAINS has not had staff resources to support this group and to maximize their contribution . However, now we do.

Lesli holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Missouri (1972) and a MS in Psychology from Avila University (2014). She has lived most of her adult life in Warsaw, Missouri where she has played a significant leadership role. Lesli started the first hospice program in Benton County in 1985, and founded the Benton County Human Services Council, the Benton County Community Foundation, Benton County Girls on the Run, and the First Victims of Crime program in Benton County. She was president of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce and an elected Trustee of the Benton County Health Department. She was the Director of Development for a community college and worked in public health strategic planning for ten years. She served on the Missouri AHEC board of directors and the Missouri Rural Health Association Board. She was appointed to the Missouri State Welfare Reform Committee by Governor Carnahan in 1993. She was also a founding board member of Katy Trail Health Center, a federally qualified rural health center that serves central Missouri.

Lesli was a national disaster response volunteer for the American Red Cross for ten years and served at Ground Zero for a month following 9/11.

A surgical complication in 2008 left her with chronic debilitating pain that forced her to step back and rethink her life within the context of her physical limitations. In 2011, at the age of 60, she decided to return to school for her Masters degree in Psychology to find a way to impact people who live with chronic pain and find personal hope and purpose.

Since then, she facilitated pain management classes for Turning Point, the chronic disease educational arm of the University of Kansas Medical Center for two years, and she is currently developing a unique pain education program based on her academic research and personal pain experience. She has been involved with PAINS-KC for more than three years.

With Lesli’s help, each month we will highlight a member of PAINS Advisory Committee in Update.

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