1352940009The No Longer Silent work group met in Washington, D.C. July 7 and 8 to discuss a plan of action for changing the communication narrative regarding chronic pain management and care, substance use disorders and the relationship between both patient populations. This dedicated group of advocacy professionals brainstormed ways to talk about both public health crises accurately and consistently with the goal of creating a strategic communication plan. Burness and Tracie Thomas are working on that plan now and we expect to roll out the results in August. Look for more information on this important project in future updates.

On July 7th, Myra Christopher, Richard Payne and Tracie Thomas met with Dr. Thomas Novotny, MD, MPH, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health (Science and Medicine) and his staff in Washington D.C. PAINS offered their help and support to move the National Pain Strategy forward. HHS indicated the following key takeaways:

  • HHS is circulating NPS draft plan to all the federal agencies
  • Will be working with PAINS and other advocacy groups to promote NPS
  • Dr. Novotny and Richard Payne will work together on a piece for the New England Journal of Medicine on the CDC Guidelines.