by Celeste Cooper – Published by ProHealth

A study published in December 2015 is reported by some to be the first to associate fibromyalgia (FM) and chronic pelvic pain (CPP); however, I know others have made the connection because I live with both and I have been writing on the subject for quite some time. But, it is encouraging that physicians and others are taking note. It’s important to the understanding of pelvic floor pain, urinary distress and fibromyalgia. European urologists suggest assessment of overlapping disorders, including fibromyalgia, in the 2014 Guidelines on Chronic Pelvic Pain, which is significant because awareness will bring about a better understanding on all commonly known overlapping disorders and others agree.

Pelvic disorders not only cause pain, they also contribute to loss of intimacy, anxiety, depression, and unwarranted guilt. We may not all experience the same CPP, but we do experience the same effects:  interruption in normal healthy sexual relationships, difficulty sleeping, and disruption to our quality of life.

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