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“Me vs. Fibromyalgia” is an in-depth, one-of-a-kind series designed to give readers and warriors affected by Fibromyalgia a comprehensive look into the facts of the disease and the story of a woman who wouldn’t take no for an answer. I’ve chronicled eight years of experience with Fibro including chronic pain, low energy, doctors, relationships and more, and hope to offer answers and support to those who seek them.

It is because of my incredible support system that I am able to live life with Fibromyalgia and still have all of my goals met and dreams come true. I’m able to share my journey and therefore, the burdens of Fibro.

One of my most beloved supporters, my sister, Priya, has created a compassionate list of tips that I hope will make it easier for my fellow Warriors to ask for what you need from your support system, or give you ideas for how you can support your Fibro Warrior.

4 Relationship Saving Tips for Loved Ones of Chronic Pain Sufferers

My sister Puja and I have always been very close. After college I moved in with her, and rediscovered that not she was not only my best friend, but my protector, and closest confidante. Soon after I moved out, my sister got into a very bad car accident, resulting in a herniated disc in her neck and a piece of her spine dislodging. After much suffering, several injuries, and a quest to find answers, she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

I’m ashamed to admit that for a long time I didn’t truly understand my sister’s disease. I didn’t understand that she was in intense pain every single day. It was difficult for her to communicate what was going on, and I really wasn’t educated as well as I should have been on chronic pain.

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