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As you know, PAINS quickly responded to the proposed CDC Guideline, including a visit by some PAINS members to Atlanta to meet with Dr. Deborah Houry and her colleagues. At that meeting, the PAINS team offered to be of assistance and asked for four things:

  1. Additional period for public comment;
  2. Incorporation of those who live with chronic pain and those who care for them into the work group;
  3. An open meeting to review the situation; and
  4. Revision of the document that had been circulated.

Although, as you are aware, the guidelines are still in process, progress has been made. A line of communication has been established, and CDC has been thoughtful to keep PAINS apprised of their process. In addition, other issues were identified to be of mutual interest between the CDC and our group, and we believe that PAINS has established itself with CDC as a worthy and reliable discussant.

The CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC) Board of Scientific Counselors (BSC) met on January 28th. The meeting opened with a video from CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden about the importance of preventing opioid overdose. Dr. Anne Schuchat presented Guidelines in Public Health, Dr. Deb Houry provided background on the draft of the CDC Gudeline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain and Dr. Debbie Dowell provided an overview. The Chair of the Opioid Guidelines Workgroup, Dr. Christina Porucznik, presented the Workgroup’s report. This was followed by discussion of the report and public comments.

The meeting agenda and presentations are available on the CDC website, as is information about CDC’s plan of action regarding the guideline.

PAINS team member Carolyn Noel presented oral and written comments on behalf of PAINS at the meeting in Atlanta. We expect the minutes of the meeting, including all of the public comments to also be posted on the website when available.

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