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Published by Pain News Network

The term “chronic pain” is being used as a weapon against people living in pain. People who are prejudiced and biased against pain sufferers often use it in derogatory way, to imply their pain is not that bad or that they are even lying about it.

Over 15 years ago, some members of the American Society for Pain Management Nursing, including myself, recognized the negative connotation of the term and attempted to change it to “persistent pain,” obviously without much success.

“Chronic” only means a time frame of 3 months or more. No one knows how it became a term to mean a “type” of pain.

When I was an oncology nurse, I did some research on the biological differences between cancer pain and “non-cancer” pain, and didn’t find any. No one knew how the differentiation came to be. There was no evidence to support it.

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