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Published in Mineral Daily News-Tribune

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter because of my husband’s health issues and declining quality of life. He is 74 years old and has chronic back pain.

After trying physical therapy and chiropractic therapy, which did not help his pain, Ron saw a surgeon who did not recommend surgery because of the dangers involved.

After reviewing my husband’s MRI and other documentation, the physician at the VA Center in Petersburg prescribed oxycodone for Ron’s pain. Ron was prescribed three 10MG pills a day.

Even though he still has some pain, Ron was able to continue driving to see his Medicare clients to fit them for diabetic shoes and participating in a normal life for someone his age.
I realize that there is an opioid problem in our country.

What I do not understand is why veterans who do not abuse the medicine must suffer. Ron has been told that all veterans will lose their pain meds. What amazes me is that no alternatives are provided. The impression that I have is that the VA does not care. What are these men to do?

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