Kick that pain straight away in the butt

Hip Pain

The hectic schedule and negligence starts affecting our health after a point of time. Among all the health issues, hip pain has become very common. Most of the people complain about the discomforts that they start having because of this pain.

It is important to understand the nature of this pain and what leads to this traumatic experience, which ultimately has an adverse impact on your daily life.

Often, all the activities can come to a halt because of this persistent pain. You may even suffer from severe body problems if you do not control this excruciating condition.

The correct attitude that you need to adopt in order to kick that pain straightaway in the butt is discussed in this article.

All those who are undergoing any such condition can benefit from this knowledge and thereby, implement the management program to control and eradicate this pain.

Bump into the understanding of the painful symptoms

The most important thing that delays the treatment is that we are unaware of the symptoms. Most of the people who have this pain may not experience it at the hip area.

It is more or less similar to back pain. You may confuse it with that and may indulge in cures that will only elevate your condition. The common symptoms that you may notice are as follows

  • Severe pain in the inner or outer hip socket
  • Discomfort in your thighs or groin
  • Inability to sit because of buttocks pain

The above pains are due to certain conditions that may aggravate it over the period. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the trigger points to apply the suitable treatments and precautions.

Investigate the root cause of this pain

One fine morning you get up from the bed and suddenly start having this problem. It is due to certain factors that become worse with time, which we assume to be benign and this misconception leads to ignorance.

If you experience any of these conditions, then you need to start taking measures to stop this pain from turning your day to day life topsy-turvy.

Generally, this condition is very common in old people as the hip cartilage that is responsible for preventing friction is damaged.

Otherwise, some accident or injury of some sort also increases the risk of hip pain. Other than that, there are several causes like

  • People who have arthritis have a real hard time with this condition
  • Osteoporosis, in this state the hip fractures are very common and can worsen your situation
  •  Swelling of bursa,  sacs that are filled with fluids and aid in muscle protection
  • Swelling of tendons due to excessive work
  • Cancerous tumors
  • Damage that completely finishes the bone tissue called osteonecrosis
  •  Wear and tear of ligaments
  • Consistent pain in the lower back region
  • Overstressing and too much physical activity

The major thing that is to be scared of is that once your condition worsens, it can go beyond your reach. In very rare cases, you can go back to your old life. Therefore, time to pull your socks up and prepare your defense from the beginning!

Time to dial the emergency number

Regardless of the exercises and home remedies, you may require a doctor in certain cases. It is better to know when the situation starts going out of control.

If you ever feel, the pain is aggravating beyond your endurance limit.  If you met with some accident and that resulted in throbbing hip pain, then you should call your doctor.

Often, back pain can start spreading to the other parts of the body too. Therefore, it is better to take it seriously.

Any sort of pain around this area should not be taken lightly, as the long lasting impact may put an end to all the physical activities! This problem seems smaller but its repercussions can affect your life adversely.

Prevention and cure go hand in hand

When the pain is in the initial stage, it is better to start with the home remedies and avoid medications that may or may not suit you.

You should not engage in activities that worsen your conditions. It is better to take maximum rest and let the pain heal.

You can use a pillow between the legs to comfort yourself while sleeping. You can start taking ibuprofen or some other painkiller if the pain is unbearable.

You can also make use of hip pads to get some relief.  The most essential thing is to avoid any sort of weight or pressure on your hip; else, you may have to fight the extreme pain of a hip fracture.

The above methods are for common pain. In case the pain is due to rigorous physical activities, then you can easily prevent it by altering your way of doing these exercises. For example, you should warm up pre and post workout, do some stretching.

If you suffer from this pain, then avoid running. You should go for light walks, swimming or cycling. Do not be very hard on yourself. You should do light to moderate exercises.

The first thing that every person who exercises needs is the best quality, comfortable running shoes. Last but not the least; shed the extra baggage as it can play a vital role in aggravating your condition.

When the cause of this pain is bursitis, then you can comfort yourself by putting ice packs regularly for at least thrice a day.

This will give you some sort of comfort from hip pain. People with arthritis need extra care and they should stay in touch with their doctors.

These patients should learn light exercises and reduce their physical activities to a minimum. In certain cases, like osteoporosis, the ultimate remedy may be hip replacement surgery.

However, not everybody can afford it. Therefore, it is better to cure it at the initial stage and undergo the tests that are important to find the reason for your pain.