Pathways to Safer Opioid Use is an immersive, interactive training tool that was designed using the opioid-related recommendations outlined in the National Action Plan for Adverse Drug Event Prevention (ADE Action Plan). The training uses the principles of health literacy and a multimodal, team-based approach to promote the appropriate, safe, and effective use of opioids to manage chronic pain.

This web-based training allows you to assume the role of 4 playable characters who make decisions – controlled by you – about preventing opioid-related adverse drug events (ADEs). The characters represent the following roles: primary care physician, nurse, pharmacist, and patient.

The training will benefit:

  • Physicians, nurses, pharmacists
  • Public health professionals, including health educators and interdisciplinary public health practitioners
  • Health professional students

Free CME credits are available if completed by February 16, 2017.

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