Find Your Perfect Mattress for Back Pain

Back pain is a problem so common, that there is not probably one single person who does not know how annoying can this pain be.

As many researches show, back pain is the second most common reason why people visit their doctors. It doesn’t matter if it’s acute or chronic back pain, it still sucks.

Living with back pain is a really difficult challenge for many people. All those tasks and jobs you have to complete every day… oh how hard they seem to be now.

And all those things that you enjoyed doing all your life, now you just can’t seem to like any of those.

You can’t walk your dog, you can’t play with your kids, you can’t normally bend over, you can’t sit right, you can’t sleep well… and I could go on.

When you think about back pain, all you can think about is relief. How to get that so-wanted relief?

Maybe you have tried all those medications, pain killers, muscle relaxant, supplement, physical therapies and everything else, and it all goes well until you go to sleep. That’s when the real pain begins.

You can’t find the right position, you can’t sleep well, or maybe you fight with your bed, positioning the pillows and your body so that you can get some good sleep.

Or if you are lucky, let’s say you fall asleep, but what if you still wake up with lots of pains in the morning, or you wake up more tired than you were before.

Well, if you have found yourself at least once in any of the above situations, I think it’s time for a new mattress.

Why a new mattress?

A mattress that matches your necessities is an important thing when you suffer from back pain. The reason why it is so important is pretty simple.

If you are sleeping on a wrong mattress, you might worsen your condition of back pain.

The right mattress has to give you enough support for your back and provide a good posture for your body when you are sleeping, but still be comfortable.

Your back and most importantly your spine are in so much pain all the time and they need all the support and rest they can get during sleeping time.

This is why a right mattress can really help you reduce your back pain. Besides, if you can’t sleep well at night, you will become more nervous and depressed and that can cause even more pain during the day – you sure don’t want that.

How to choose a new mattress?

When you decide to buy a new mattress, the question is how to choose which one works best for you.

This seems to be quite tricky and that’s why you’ll need these several things to keep into consideration:

best Mattress for Back Pain

Your mattress should provide back support

This is actually the most important thing you should be looking for when finding your perfect mattress.

Many studies have shown that you shouldn’t buy too hard and firm mattresses. Medium-firm mattresses have shown the best results when it comes to back support;

Try it first

It may sound weird, but if someone you know owns the mattress you are planning to buy, ask if you could sleep one night on it. This way, you will see if that’s what you really need.

Thick layer of mattress padding

People have claimed that mattresses with a thicker top padding have shown more support than the ones with just a thin padding.

Your own and individual determination

Although there are many people suffering from back pains, don’t let someone else tell you what’s best.

Not everyone is comfortable with the same mattress and not all the pains are the same. Try to see what’s best just for you.

Components and elements of the mattress

Before buying a mattress, always ask about what is consists of.

A professional should be able to explain all the layers and different coils as well as the thickness and firmness of them. Then you can feel free to decide.

Do not be afraid to give money

This can sometimes not be true, but most often a good mattress can be expensive. However, when it’s about your health, do not hesitate to give money.

Buy from a trusted provider

It’s always good when you know what you’re getting. Find out which mattresses have the best reputation and are worth giving money for.