To raise and respond to ethical issues in health and healthcare


Ethical discourse and action advance the health and dignity of all persons.

Who They Are:

The Center for Practical Bioethics is a nonprofit, free-standing and independent organization nationally recognized for its work in practical bioethics. Their core value is respect for human dignity. They believe that all persons have intrinsic worth and promote and protect the interests of those who can and cannot speak for themselves. They are committed to the just delivery of healthcare.

What They Do:

Since 1984, the Center has helped patients and their families, healthcare professionals, policymakers and corporate leaders grapple with ethically complex issues in medicine and research.

The Center does not wait to be called upon. Its vision and mission requires the Center to be proactive — to call attention to ethical issues and to develop programs, policies and publications that address them.

Through its unique methodology, the Center puts “practical bioethics” into action. The results? Reasoned, real world responses to ethically complex situations and, ultimately, the greatest peace of mind possible for those who must decide.