Published by Endometriosis News

Women with endometriosis have nearly four times the risk of developing bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis (BPS/IC), a population-based study in Taiwan found.

The study, “Endometriosis increased the risk of bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis: A population-based study,” appeared in the journal Neurology and Urodynamics.

BPS/IC, a chronic pain syndrome whose cause is unknown, is characterized by pelvic pain that may be accompanied by lower urinary tract symptoms, such as urgency to urinate and increased urinary frequency, even at nighttime.

Treatment of this bladder disorder can be challenging, and no strategy works the same for everyone. Most therapies focus on symptom management, with patients trying different combinations of therapeutic options and behavioral modifications to find relief.

“BPS/IC affects the quality of life of patients, and early detection and intervention might lead to better treatment results,” the study’s co-author, Shiu-Dong Chung, MD, PhD, from the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan, said in a news release. “This study reminds patients and physicians that endometriosis might be associated with BPS/IC.”