Published by Murfreesboro Post

I have had the honor of sitting with over 10,000 patients over the past 30 years to discuss their symptoms, health needs and what treatment options may be helpful. I have repeatedly found that people with persistent health problems are not sure where to turn for help. That is the main reason we continue to offer free initial consultations. I have found that by doing so, patients realize they can sit down with me and ask questions for free rather than continuing to wonder about whether a certain treatment would help.

One of the things I have been asked frequently is how a problem such as depression can affect pain. Patients may have received conflicting advice by different healthcare providers. They may have read an article or seen a post on the internet discussing depression and pain.

Patients have often been told erroneous things about depression and pain. The most bothersome mistruth is that their pain is caused by depression. That is usually not true. Read on to learn why this myth persists and what the truth is.