Published by National Pain Report

If there is any benefit to being a chronic pain blogger, it’s that a door is suddenly thrust open on an entire community you had no idea existed, or maybe were in a certain amount of denial about existing. Each blog post, each step forward into social media and chat boards dedicated to chronic pain/illness sheds light on each face and each voice out there who is struggling with the same thing and suddenly, you are not alone. At the same time you become painfully aware of how many others are suffering right alongside you and it can steal your breath away. I am trying to use my voice in the community to shed light on a community that is still alienated by the world.

We are outsiders, living on the fringes of the medical community because there is no easy fix for us. Many doctors don’t believe us; many doctors have thrown their hands up in the air and given up and some have their hands tied behind their back, unable to help us because the laws make it so difficult to prescribe meds they believe will help. So here I am, juxtaposition between being a part of the community and one of the voices of the community wanting to bring to light the many faces. Sometimes, in order to do that we need, we have to put ourselves out there and I try to do that on my blog and here but vulnerability is scary. It’s scary to everyone but I think a little bit more so among the chronic community because we are already vulnerable and the idea of making ourselves more so, is not ideal. But in an effort to make it real I want to share with you the very stark reality I find myself in the midst of. I’m sure some of these feelings others can relate to but these are mine.