This is SPPAN’s bi-weekly update of pain-related bills (on topics not found in SPPAN’s other bi-weekly update on PMP and PA legislation).

The topics include:

Budget/Commissions, Hydrocodone Rescheduling, Overdose Prevention / Safe Use and Disposal, Palliative Care, Practice Guidelines, Professional Education, Regulate Pain Clinics / Eliminate Pill Mills, Reimbursement for Integrative Care, Workers’ Compensation, and Abuse Deterrent Formulations.

Under each issue header, you will find the bills arranged in alphabetical order by state.   It is not possible for this update to contain all the active bills; you can always find the hundreds of bills (organized by issue area and state) in our tracker here.

Having trouble finding your state information easily?  Try “Control-Find”.  By clicking on the “Ctrl” button and the “F” button at the same time, your browser will open a pop up box that will allow you to type in your state’s two-digit postal code, or any other word or phrase you are trying to find.

Also, check out the Academy’s monthly e-newsletter, Currents: The Monthly Index to Pain Management, which contains timely policy and advocacy highlights as well as new practice guidelines, breaking news, and more!

As always, please let us know if this is helpful and/or if you have questions or suggestions. Our goal is to be a resource for you and your networks so that leaders are more informed and can take action easily and in coordination with others whenever possible.  Contact Amy Goldstein, SPPAN Director.

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