Compiled by Clint Cole, III, PAINS Research Intern

PAINS’ No Longer Silent initiative exists to:

  1. Change the beliefs, attitudes and perceptions of media about chronic pain as a disease.
  2. Increase media coverage and support evidence based reporting of chronic pain.
  3. Change the beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions of the media about the relationship between chronic pain and the opioid epidemic
  4. Decrease media coverage that conflates the opioid epidemic with chronic pain

The following are recent examples of news articles that help to raise awareness about the struggles of those living with pain.

McCartney, Rob. ‘War on opioids’ brings collateral damage. KETV 7 Omaha, 1 March 2018,

Sinha, Vivek. Life Well Lived: Chronic pain—how to take a comprehensive approach. The Alexandria Times, 26 Feb. 2018.

Staff Report. Talk to us: Having trouble legitimately getting pain medication? The State Journal-Register, 22 Feb. 2018,

Haederle, Michael. Will the Pendulum Swing Too Far? UNM HSC Newsbeat, UNM Health Sciences, 21 Feb. 2018,

Frederick News-Post editorial. The two faces of the opioid crisis. The Frederick News-Post, 18 Feb. 2018,

Seminoff, Kirk. Opioids are survival, not an epidemic, for some people. The Wichita Eagle, 16 Feb. 2018,

Cantor, Ira. The other opioid epidemic: Chronic pain patients in need of care. The Inquirer, 9 Feb. 2018,

Griffin, Justine. Chronic pain sufferers plead for a nuanced approach to opioids (w/video). Tampa Bay Times, 9 Feb. 2018,

Sullivan, Phil. Letter: When pain gets personal. The Chicago Tribune, 9 Feb. 2018,

Paramore Reif, Jolene. Commentary: Don’t forget those who suffer from chronic pain. The Salt Lake Tribune, 3 Feb. 2018,

Associated Press. Doctors concerned Florida opioids bills would make pain harder to treat. Tampa Bay Times, 4 Feb. 2018,

Ramsey, Lydia. ‘We’re treated like drug addicts’: As America fights opioid addiction, the healthcare system is failing people who live with chronic pain. Business Insider, 28 Jan. 2018,

Alltucker, Ken. As Arizona limits opioids, people with chronic pain worry about access. AZ Central, 26 Jan. 2018,

Berwick, Donald & Wayne Jonas. The only way to battle opioids is to find holistic approaches to pain management. The Hill, 17 Jan. 2018,

Morgan, Sarah-Blake. Opioid crisis making it harder for chronic pain sufferers to get medications they need. WBTV-3, 9 Jan. 2018,

DeWitt, Ethan. Finding a balance: With hospitals prescribing fewer opioids, chronic pain patients are left in a world of hurt. Concord Monitor, 7 Jan. 2018,

McPhate, Christian. Chronic Pain Sufferers Say They’re Paying the Price for Opioid Epidemic. Dallas Observer, 2 Jan. 2018,

Leonhardt, David. The Benefits of Opioids. The New York Times, 9 Mar. 2018,

Sullum, Jacob. America’s War on Pain Pills Is Killing Addicts and Leaving Patients in Agony. Reason Magazine, April 2018,

Reisman, Jonathan. Some patients are in pain. Some just want drugs. How do I tell them apart? The Washington Post, 9 Mar. 2018,

Fuqua, Anne. The other opioid crisis: pain patients who can’t access the medicine we need. The Washington Post, 9 Mar. 2018,

Olsen, Dean. Chronic-pain patients losing access to prescription painkillers, advocates say. The State Journal-Register, 24 Mar. 2018,

Alexander, Rachael. Cutbacks to opioid prescriptions leave chronic pain patients without help. The Spokesman-Review, 20 Mar. 2018,

Wagner, Janna. Chronic Pain Patients Need — And Want— Non-Opioid Options. The Huffington Post, 18 Mar. 2018,

Carlson, Rick. Commentary: Opioid abuse is serious, but so is chronic pain. Herald Net, 18 Mar. 2018,

Apel, Kara. Middle Tennessee veterans using tai chi to help with pain, stress. WSMV-Nashville, 14 Mar. 2018,

Rosario, Sarah. Why chronic sufferers say new opioid law will do more harm than good. WTSP 10 News, 12 Mar. 2018,

All Things Considered. Pain Specialist Doctor Discusses Different Ways To Treat Chronic Pain. NPR, 9 Mar. 2018,

Hoffman, Jan. Medicare Is Cracking Down on Opioids. Doctors Fear Pain Patients Will Suffer. The New York Times, 27 Mar. 2018,

Winberg, Michaela. ‘Gun-shy’ doctors and the second opioid crisis: patients in chronic pain. Billy Penn, 27 Mar. 2018,

Webster, Lynn. CMS proposes to force patients off effective opioid doses without their physician’s approval. The Hill, 29 Mar. 2018,

Cummins, Clayton. Chronic pain patients against opioid guidelines. WILX-10 News, 5 Apr. 2018,

Toman, Jerry. Reader’s View: Don’t stigmatize those with chronic pain. Duluth News Tribune, 6 Apr. 2018,

Parsons, Gretchen. Those who have a medical need for painkillers say opioid epidemic is hurting them. KTVB-7 News, 6 Apr. 2018,

Inserro, Allison. Doctors Wait to See How CMS’ Opioid Changes Play Out for Patients in Pain. American Journal of Managed Care-Newsroom, 7 Apr. 2018,

Fromson, Noah. Chronic Pain patients say opioid prescription cuts hurt those who need them. WZZM-13 News, 7 Apr. 2018,

Watson, Bob. Pain sufferers seek less government in care. News Tribune, 8 Apr. 2018,

WGAL News 8. Rally held in Harrisburg to draw attention to pain relief needs. WGAL News 8, 7 Apr. 2018,

Rauma, Rick. Opioid abuse response has consequences for pain patients. Herald Net, 8 Apr. 2018,

Radnovich, Connor. Chronic pain patients: Don’t take away our opioids. Statesman Journal, 9 Apr. 2018,

Shakerdge, Karen. What about all the patients already on opioids? WBFO 88.7, All Things Considered, NPR, 9 Apr. 2018,

Darnall, Beth. Change Your Mind-Set, Reduce Your Chronic Pain. Scientific American, 10 Apr. 2018,

Walker, Doug. Chronic pain sufferers are also victims of the opioid crisis. WBRC Fox 6 News, 10 Apr. 2018,

Tapp, Madison. Solution to opioid abuse problem must not leave those in chronic pain suffering. Statesman Journal, 10 Apr. 2018,

Schnarr, J.W. People using opioids for chronic pain stigmatized. Lethbridge Herald, 11 Apr. 2018,

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Gramer, Joseph. Chronic pain sufferers deserve community’s compassion as well as addicts. Statesman Journal, 13 Apr. 2018,