Public Education and Communication

According to the National Pain Strategy report,

“Key to a cultural transformation in pain care is a greater understanding—among members of the public and people with pain alike—of important aspects of chronic pain and its appropriate treatment. The National Pain Strategy recommends a national public awareness campaign involving public and private partners to address misperceptions and stigma about chronic pain. The learning objectives of the campaign would emphasize the impact and seriousness of chronic pain and its status as a disease that requires appropriate treatment. In addition, an educational campaign on the safer use of pain medications that is targeted to people with pain whose care includes these medications is recommended.”

In 2016, private foundations funded PAINS to develop and implement No Longer Silent (NLS), a public education and communication initiative. NLS is designed to educate the public about chronic pain as a disease, reframe the current public dialogue regarding comprehensive pain management and accurately articulate the relationship between chronic pain and the opioid epidemic.