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The Case for Opioid Therapy

Published by Pain News Network I take opioid pain medication and I am not ashamed of it. I refuse to feel guilty for needing medication. I am not an addict. I do not deserve to be treated like a criminal – and for that matter, neither do addicts. I should not have to...

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The Importance of Understanding Research

Published by Pain News Network Almost daily we are told that a study shows this or research shows that, a physician makes claims based on research, or the news media blaring “New Study Shows.” Even worse, more and more frequently we are seeing providers, government...

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What Is CBT?

Published by Good Housekeeping Cognitive behavioral therapy — better known as CBT — treats anxiety, depression and other conditions with a simple concept: Reframe the way you interpret the situation at hand, and that perspective switch can help alleviate the pain....

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