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Call Out the Imbalance in Current Policy Making for Pain Management and Prescription Opioid Use

by Myra Christopher, Director, PAINS Project In July, the National Academies of Sciences (NAS) released a “consensus study report” titled Pain Management and the Opioid Epidemic:  Balancing Societal and Individual Benefits and Risks of Prescription Opioid Use. Richard...

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Fibro Fog: Tips for Communicating

Published by ProHealth Ask anyone who knows me and they will say that I like to talk. I always have. I’ve been going through old pictures, report cards, etc., and it’s no surprise that every year the Teacher's notes say “Melissa likes to socialize too much.” If I...

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Brain Markers May Impact Widespread Pain

Published by PsychCentral Does widespread pain stem from the brain? A new study suggests it does. Pain is the most common reason people seek medical care, according to the National Institutes of Health. “Sometimes we can easily pinpoint what is causing a person pain,”...

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I Am an Addict

Published by Pain News Network I am an addict. I admit it and I'm not ashamed of it. I am addicted to life. I am addicted to minimal pain. I am addicted to doing laundry, washing dishes, cleaning the house, cooking, and taking out the trash. I am addicted to grocery...

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