Founded in 1989, (LDo) advocates nationally for quality accessible healthcare for patients with Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. They are committed to shaping health policy through advocacy, legal and ethical analysis, education, physician training and medical research. Their mission is to prevent Lyme disease, prevent early Lyme disease from becoming chronic and to obtain access to care for patients with chronic Lyme disease.

What They Do:

Education And Outreach

LDo educates the community and policy makers through their website and blogs. They also help inform the medical community, researchers, and policymakers through medical journal publication. Their board members have over 40 peer-reviewed publications.

The Lyme Times

They inform the community about Lyme disease news, treatment approaches, research and political action through their quarterly journal.

Physician Training Grants

Each year, they provide educational grants for physicians to attend the annual medical conference of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society. They have trained over 100 physicians who have returned to their communities to treat patients with Lyme disease. They also host conferences to educate patients and doctors.

Grassroots Advocacy

Solving the critical health problems faced by Lyme patients requires grassroots involvement as well as local and national advocacy. LDo promotes these efforts through their state-based internet groups that teach patients how to make a difference in the fight for early diagnosis and treatment.


LDo funds research that matters to patients. Their research committee includes scientists, physicians and patients working together to fund the questions that matter to patients. LDo has funded research at Stanford, the University of Connecticut at New Haven, Stony Brook, and Johns Hopkins.

Healthcare Policy

LDo provides legal, ethical and healthcare policy analysis for the Lyme community. They fight for access to appropriate medical care for Lyme patients and for the rights of their treating physicians. They review state and federal legislation and compile data from our surveys to support policy change.

Learn More:

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