The Arthritis Foundation’s online home for the 300,000 families who live with juvenile arthritis is Their Eductional Rights Toolkit is a set of resources parents can use to help ensure success at school. There are checklists, forms and videos that cover topics from educational rights to school communication.

What They Do:

Advocating for Kids With Arthritis

Although juvenile arthritis affects some 300,000 children across the United States, there are currently fewer than 250 board-certified, practicing pediatric rheumatologists in the country. About 90 percent of those are clustered in and around large cities.

Making sure that children who live in places without pediatric rheumatologists have access to quality and appropriate care is one of the Arthritis Foundation’s advocacy priorities. To help children become their own advocates, the Foundation holds an annual Kids’ Summit, in conjunction with our annual Advocacy Summit, where kids learn how to talk to lawmakers about the issues that directly impact their everyday well-being.

By 2030, the Foundation will have helped more than 2,000 children and teens with juvenile arthritis develop into seasoned lobbyists with the skills to educate Congress about the impact of JA on kids and their families.

Faces of Arthritis

This wide-ranging PSA campaign raises awareness about arthritis – and who gets it.

The Faces of Arthritis print and television PSA campaign seeks to draw attention to arthritis as a whole. The print ads have appeared in O, The Oprah Magazine and Country Living, as well as at several major airports. Print ads featuring Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins are designed to call attention to the fact that, “Kids Get Arthritis, Too.”

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