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Almost daily we are told that a study shows this or research shows that, a physician makes claims based on research, or the news media blaring “New Study Shows.”

Even worse, more and more frequently we are seeing providers, government and the media basing their opinions or actions on poor evidence — or many times the total lack of it. I have a tee shirt which says: “Show me the evidence and critical thinking.”

It is time for people in pain as well as their advocates to understand research studies and hold accountable those that are cited.
Evaluating research is a little complicated and time consuming, but it is something every medical person needs to do. More importantly, the media needs to justify their reliance on research and identify that what they are saying is true, rather than something totally lacking in validation and objectivity (which unfortunately is most often the case).

After all, the media claim to do careful research before doing a story. Politicians should also have accountability for objective truth.

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