Published by ABC15 – Arizona

They are people who feel shut out from their pharmacies, by emergency rooms, and their doctors. Already struggling with chronic pain they feel “abandoned” by a system that is now focusing on a prescription drug epidemic that’s gripped the country.

Chronic pain patients have started forming their own support groups and are pleading for their voices to be heard.

“Everything is about addiction. Opioid overdoses, CDC statistics – but nobody is telling our side of the story and how this is affecting over 100 million patients in the United States,” said Barby Ingle, President of iPain Foundation, and a chronic pain patient herself.

For many of these people life literally changed overnight. Whether it was an accident, a fall, a ruptured back disc, or medical malpractice – they now live gripped with pain everyday, not knowing when the “flare up” may hit.

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