Who They Are

The Chronic Pain Research Alliance (CPRA) is the country’s first and only research-led collaborative advocacy effort dedicated to changing the lives of those with Chronic Overlapping Pain Conditions (COPCs).

Their Mission

With the ultimate goal of advancing timely diagnoses and effective evidence-based medical management for individuals affected by COPCs, the CPRA works with invested stakeholders:

  1. Promote high-quality research on chronic overlapping pain conditions
  2. Translate research findings into information for patients and educational training programs for clinicians
  3. Drive the development of safe and effective treatments for these conditions

Their Vision for the Future

With the advancement of CPRA programs, they envision a future where individuals with COPCs will receive a timely and accurate diagnosis, followed by high-quality, comprehensive medical care and safe and effective treatment that is informed by the latest and most innovative scientific evidence.

In the process, these future goals will also be attained:

  • Increased federal and private investment in COPCs research that is coordinated, standardized and collaborative
  • Informed and educated health care providers
  • Informed and empowered patients
  • Development of safe and effective therapies specific to COPCs
  • Maximized taxpayer dollars and decreased costs

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